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        Accolades anAwards        

1. School of Recognition

Schools recognized as Schools of Recognition:
  • Are in the top quarter based on the percentage of free/reduced lunch
  • Are title 1 eligible 
  • Have above average academic scores on the WKCE
  • Have students who fall into one of the top 3 Accountability Index Categories of "Meeting Expectations," "Exceeding Expectations," or "Significantly Exceeding Expectations" on the School Report Card
  • Meet the state's test-participation, attendance, and dropout goals


2. Spotlight School

Schools recognized as Spotlight:
  • Partner with other schools to gain knowledge of programs
  • Offer visitors tours to view learning in a variety of areas and programs
  • Offer visitors an understanding of how the school-wide behavioral model works
  • Showcases the "Kids on the Grow" after school program with focuses on strengthening math and literacy skills

PBIS School of Distinction

Schools recognized as Wisconsin PBIS Network Schools of Distinction are
  • Sustaining fidelity implementation of critical elements of tier 1/universal PBIS (as demonstrated by a minimum of two consecutive years of Benchmarks of Quality results)
  • Demonstrating that their sustained implementation has had positive effects on their academic and/or behavioral data
  • Implementing PBIS throughout the school environment, including classrooms
  • Involving parents and the community to ensure the continued success of PBIS implementation in the school
  • Examining data to ensure that the tier 1/universal system is effective for all groups of students

4. Farm to School

Schools recognized as Farm to School Site:
  • Promote healthy eating habits by increasing their knowledge of fresh fruits and veggies
  • Engage students with physically active activities
  • Work with community members and local farmers 
  • Teach students the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Help students be self sufficient 

5. Green and Healthy School: Sugar Maple

Schools recognized as Green and Healthy Schools:
  • Involve the community in a shared goal
  • Promote health and wellness
  • Focus on environmental curriculum
  • Have students who are committed to attaining a healthy and environmentally friendly school
  • Focus on green initiatives