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Lisa Carroll
Out-of-School Enrichment Coordinator
Phone: 715-261-0180
Cell: 715-573-1587


G2M (Growing Great Minds)is an after school learning program that provides opportunities for Kindergarten through 5th Grade students to continue learning new skills and discover new abilities after the traditional school day, all while having FUN! 

G2M (Growing Great Minds) Out-of-School Learning Programs provide academic enrichment opportunities during non-school hours for children. These programs provide a range of high-quality services to support student learning and development, including: homework help, STEM programs, community service opportunities, as well as music, arts, sports and cultural activities. At the same time, centers help working parents by providing a safe environment for students.

Our session dates for G2M are: 
Session 1:  October 9 - November 16 ( 6 weeks; No school: October 25-27 )
Session 2:  December 4 - January 19 (6 weeks; No school: December 8, December 25-Jan 1, January 15, January 19 )
Session 3:  February 5  - March 15 (6 weeks; February 19, March 8)
Session 4:  April 8 - May 10 (5 weeks; April 25)